Tho-Go & Ze-Mi

A Selection of Some Fundamental Sayings by Yeshua of Galilea (orig. Aramaic for Jesus adopted here as used by Jean-Yves Leloup)
Translation of TG by Mark M. Mattison, 2015 and Leloup, 1986 (rendered in English by Joseph Rowe, 2005 – when deviating from his translation the original French is shown) unless otherwise indicated. In Mattison’s A New Translation for Spiritual Seekers, the terms “Father” and “Kingdom of Heaven” are neutralized as “Source” and “Ultimate Reality”, which we have adopted. Also, we use capital initials with a number of words, which carry a different meaning beyond regular usage, as for example in Movement and Rest; last not least italics are used in the translation when deviating from both Mathison and Leloup.

Thomas Gospel and Zen Mind

Tho-Go and Ze-Mi The Two in One to the children and the friends of zen ————————————————- Moreover, to meditate is an illusory thought,           Not to meditate is illusory, too.           It is the same, whether or not you meditate.           Discrimination of  “the two” is the source of all wrong views.           From the …

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