We’re standing at the threshold….

Quote: Wim Hof, The Wim Hof Method, Penguin Random House, 2020, p. 147f:

          You don’t need to be an advanced practitioner of the method to get there. If you do the breathing and open your heart to the experience, you can forge this connection in twenty minutes. That’s one of the most beautiful things of the method. Anybody who does it is able to get into the deeper part of their brain and free whatever is locked up in their body, like blockages, fears, inhibitions, whatever is interfering with their energy flow. We are here on this physical plane as a result of all the generations that came before us, and we are able to free them as well because we carry them with us in our genes, like an inheritance or, in the case of trauma, a burden. No more. We are each equipped with the tools to free ourselves, physically and psychologically, from all this cumulative trauma, and now is the time to get it done. We are able not only to ensure our happiness, strength and health, but also ensure the same for future generations to come. We’re standing at the threshold.

          Because the soul is eternal there is no beginning and no end, no time or space. There is only the soul, infinite and beyond our comprehension, yet absolutely present and guiding us back toward nature, toward our true selves. And because there is no beginning nor end, there is no death. The soul transcends the body, transcends all matter. In the brief time that we occupy our body, we can seek to reach an understanding of the light within that defines our existence, and that is how we come to access the multitude, to paraphrase Whitman, contained within us. We don’t have to accept the world the way it is if it doesn’t respect the soul.

          This is the way I have always felt, even before I went into the cold water. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’m not going to accept all this disease and war, hungry children, cruelty to animals. I’m not going to accept any of it. Exploitation, insensitivity, is that the goal of humanity? Is this what we are teaching our children at school? To participate into a system that serves greed and ignorance? The hell with that. No. To make sense of the world, we must return to nature. That’s why I am exploring extremes with my body and mind, going back to science. I’m showing that there’s another way. There is a whole range of natural solutions to the contemporary problems we are facing. There’s a way out.

          I’m here because of the light. It has guided me on a mission to reveal the true nature of humanity, which is love. It’s time to wake up to that love. It’s time to awaken to a mind that is not vulnerable to manipulation and corruption, that is 100 percent yours. How do you achieve that? By breathing, going into the cold, becoming conscious, reflecting the soul. We get there by being the light.

Wim Hof, b. 1959 in Sittard, Netherlands