Mahamudra by Milarepa

probably the most inclusive, pragmatic as well as sharp text of the Mahayana canon…. Quoted from ThoGo & ZeMi, p. 19f..


I bow down at the feet of the supreme Guru.

          To cling to the actuality of mind is the cause of Samsara;

          To realize that non-clinging and illuminating Self-awareness

          Is unborn and immanent,

          Is the consummation sign of the Stage of One-Pointedness.

          If one talks about the Two-In-One

          But still meditates on (outer) form,

          If one acknowledges the truth of Karma

          But still commits wrong-doing,

          One is actually meditating with blindness and passion!

          Things as such are never found

          In the true Stage of One-Pointedness.


          In realizing that the unclinging, illuminated mind

          Is embodied in bliss and transcends all playwords

          One sees ones mind’s nature as clearly as great Space.

          This is the sign of the consummation

          O the Stage of Away-from-Playwords.

          Though one talks about The Stage of Away-from-Playwords,

          Still he is declaring this and that;

          In spite of illustrating what is beyond all words,

          Still he is but piling words on words.

          He then is the ignorant one,

          Who with self-clinging meditates.

          In the Stage of Away-from-Playwords

          There is no thing as this.


          The non-differentiation of manifestation and Voidness

          Is the Dharmakaya,

          In which Samsara and Nirvana are felt to be the same.

          It is a complete merging of Buddha and sentient beings.

          These are the signs of the Stage of One Taste,

          As many have declared.

          He who says that all is one

          Is still discriminating.

          There is no such thing

          In the Stage of One Taste.


          A wandering thought is itself the essence of Wisdom –

          Immanent and intrinsic.

          Cause and effect are both the same.

          This is a realization of Buddha’s Three Bodies

          Existing within oneself.

          These are the consummation signs

          Of the Stage of Non-Practice.

          When one talks about Non-Practice

          Ones mind is still active,

          One talks about illumination

          But in fact is blind.

          In the Stage of Non-Practice

          There is no such thing.


                                                                             (C.C. Chang, p. 98f)